an enemy has done this!

a bus on the expressway to get to you. i will get off where there are pink brick homes next to beige brick houses. where children scream in their dreams: an enemy has done this !

proper teachers and authority instructions come in the box. the team played a catholic school in a soccer game and i was the only one singing "no religion on the  field."
yeah, my lungs are parachutes...i did not see you there.

everyone is growing up, we know too much. we all ran away and nothing has changed. now, more isolated and focused on self destructive routines.

feeling like being 7 again. home, miserable, warn and ignorant.  in bed, looking at soft walls illuminated by yellow light from a lamp turned on by someone else.

people are always dying without comfort.

i lost my soul and i never had faith. throwing up in my my sleep.  i will wake up tomorrow maybe as something else. 

thinking twice about which side to put the circle on Bs and Ds.  i keep waiting for something beautiful, but nothing is. i look at the sky but i stare at the ground.

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