collective pt3

i wouldnt even wish such a death to another creature.
mornings are like yogurt left at room temperature.

"i dont even realize it"
I am not one to get attached to words,  but this is a chance for release.

the sky is a gradient, and i have such a sadness vibrating in my legs. i can run across the room into the vast ocean of a air, and leap to my splattering death like it is all your business. the images of my self doing this repeats often. fish are floating in my stomach. 

i can breath easier at night. my body is alone and my soul is visiting with the many dead ones that sift though the open windows. they are more alive than mine. he asked me if i was a violent person. i said i had potential, and i am more agressive now. i smell garlic everywhere, it reminds me of wood and death. the moon is not entirely full, there is still lots of time. i feel so hungry. my stomach chews on itself as it bites back. the fish are now devoured. empty once again.

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