everyone is wearing the same shoes. i started learning to drive,

i live in such a weird state. everyone is wearing the same shoes. i started learning to drive, i got further and stopped.

i pulled to the roadside and got out of the car. i wanted to stretch my legs and take in some still air. a van passed me and i swallowed a mouthful of exhaust. pacing next to my car, i listened to the radio. the announced time was 3.07 and they were going to play a song i did not know. first, they told me about mc donald's, then the song started.

i leaned against the passenger window and crossed my arms; bit the cuticles off my thumbs and looked down the road. a car went by, and i kept my eyes on it until it faded. redirected my staring to the horizon and fixed my view to the clouds. they were okay. they blended with the dull sky and were flat. i have seen prettier clouds. there was a plane, it left behind a white tail. i followed that line and it intersected other ones. i watched them bleed into the clouds and then into the sky.

i checked the clock and it was 3.12. i fixed my hair, then got back into the car. i turned around and went home.


Anonymous said...

write more

Anonymous said...

anonymous is smiling your direction

and not creepily

infinity smith said...

hehe :)

ellie said...
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ellie said...

your blog, and FLICKR

are both

so good